If you’re curious about marijuana products, but not a fan of smoking, it may be a good time to look into marijuana edibles in Wheat Ridge. Edible marijuana comes in many forms and can be made specifically for medical or recreational purposes. Options Medical Center offers a wide variety of edibles at our Wheat Ridge Dispensary from brands like Wana, Incredibles, Cheeba Chews and more.

Blue Kudu

Founded by Andrew Schrot in 2011, Blue Kudu positioned itself as one of the biggest names in cannabis edibles by creating high-quality, delicious chocolates. Schrot uses a secret formula to whip up batches of creamy milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and mixed flavored bars. At 100mg total, each bar has 10 little squares of chocolate containing 10mg of THC so you can portion your doses easily.


Using pharmaceutical industry standards, Stratos produces immediate release tablets with impressive consistency and efficacy. In Sleep, Relax, and Energy, these tablets are perfect for the user with a very specific experience in mind, whether that is to kick start their day or wind down before bed. The ingredients used in the tablets ensure maximum digestion by the user, however Stratos does advise that their product be taken with a fatty food such as peanut butter, heavy cream, or avocado. This allows the THC to bind to that fat without the added sugar and calories of many other edibles.


Cheeba Chews

Winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, Cheeba Chews have a reputation as one of the most consistent and potent edibles on the market. With taffies in chocolate and caramel flavors, their small edible design make it a great product for people who don’t want the burden of eating an entire chocolate bar. Their medical line is especially impressive for patients with high THC tolerance.


Here at Options, we love Dixie’s recreational tinctures. Triple lab tested, they provide consistent, flavorful, and potent products in 100mg THC and CBD:THC. The dropper is also clearly marked for easy and accurate dosing. For fastest absorption, Dixie recommends administering drops underneath the tongue and holding the liquid there for 60 seconds.


CannaPunch, also known under the brand Dutch Girl, has been perfecting their products since 2009. Their non-carbonated, cannabis-infused beverages made with only the highest quality ingredients are especially popular with our recreational customers. They have managed to formulate a punch recipe that is gluten-free, soy-free, corn syrup free, as well as 100% organic and vegan. Under Dutch Girl, we carry their Stroop Wafels, which have a delicious caramel glaze that medical and recreational customers both enjoy.

coda logo

Coda Signature

Made with the purest CO2 cannabis oil, Coda Signature offers specialty, hand painted truffles in delicious gourmet flavors. Their newly launched chocolate bars are equally delicious and are some of our most popular chocolate edibles. With unique flavors such as Coffee & Doughnuts and Salt ‘n’ Nibs, the bars have flavor crystals that really bring out their amazing taste.


Our most popular edible product by far, the Wana gummies are a staple at Options. We offer them in Indica Sour Gummies, Sativa Sour Gummies, Sour Watermelon, and Sour Blueberry. Currently, our medical shop only offers Sour Assorted and Sour Watermelon Gummies. Their Jewels were recently reformulated for a fruitier taste and are now our most popular hard candy in our recreational and medical stores.

Options Medical Center

Stop by Options Medical Center today or check out our menu for a full selection of marijuana edibles from these great brands!